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Screw-on bottle

Sport Bottles



The new Polisport trendy screw-on bottle is what you need to keep yourself hydrated during your training or competition. Cool and with a fancy and clean design, S600/800 as a large opening – quite useful to refill, clean, and to make your energetic mixtures. The bottle design also incorporates a scale print to check the remaining liquid in the bottle (clear versions), or to help you with your mixtures. Besides this new design, the bottle features a largemouth valve to help you control the liquid flow, adjusting it to your needs for hydration. You will also find a system to lockout the tip – quite useful during transport to prevent accidental leaks. The bottle is produced with a soft material optimized for a perfect squeeze – no extra efforts while you are cycling.

Capacity: 600 ml/ 20,29 fl.oz & 800 ml/27,05 fl.oz
Type of Bottle: Screw-On Bottles
Standards: Complies with food contact regulations; Regulation 10/2011
Material: Food-grade polyethylene, BPA free
Weight: 600 ml/ 73gr & 800 ml/89gr

Polisport S600/S800 complies with food contact regulations and is safe to use in the dishwasher (50ºC max). It has no taste or odor.

Do not heat in the woven.
Don’t fill with boiling liquids inside.
Don’t keep liquids inside for a long time.

8645300001 - clear/black/red
8645300002 - silver/black/white
8645300003 - clear black/black/lime green

8645400001 - clear/black/red
8645400002 - silver/black/white
8645400003 - clear black/black/lime green

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