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Sport Bottles

Polisport Sport Bottle


Already a classic, this bestseller bottle gained new graphics to suit the current trends. It's compatible with all cages in the market. The fast opening and closing snap system is safe in case of impact with wheels. The tip is also safe and assures the right amount of flow.

Capacity: 700 ml/ 23,67 fl.oz & 550 ml/18,60 fl.oz
Type of Bottle: Clip-On Bottles
Technologies: Standard
Standards: Complies with food contact regulations; Regulation 10/2011
Others features: Soft push-pull tip.
Material: Food-grade polyethylene, BPA free
Weight: 700 ml/ 75gr & 550 ml/65gr

Polisport Sport Bottle complies with food contact regulations and is safe to use in the dishwasher (50ºC max).

Do not heat in the woven.
Don’t fill with boiling liquids inside.
Don’t keep liquids inside for a long time.
550 ML
8641100376 - white/yellow
8641100377 - white/black
8641100378 - white/blue
8641100379 - clear white/yellow
8641100380 - clear white/black
8641100381 - clear white/blue

700 ML
8642000420 - white/yellow
8642000421 - white/black
8642000422 - white/blue
8642000423 - clear white/yellow
8642000424 - clear white/black
8642000425 - clear white/blue
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