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Bicycle In-Mold Kid Helmet

Cycling Helmets

XS Kids Premium


This new in-mold helmet it's the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-end helmet for your kids. This helmet features in-mold construction and an expanded protective area to increase safety and durability. There’s an adjustable dial Retention System to adapt perfectly to the head. The straps are soft and lock in a 2-point safety harness, ensuring a optimal fit. We added two rear reflective stickers to increase the visibility on the road. The helmet is light and vented and for that reason it won’t be a problem for your kid to use it. One bug net at the front will keep the head protected. The matte finishing of the model makes it even fancier. The helmet is sold in an individual box along with a kid bottle and a junior cage.

Safety never looked so good with our premium kid's in-mold helmet!

Size: XS 48 - 52 cm / 18,89 - 20,47 "
Construction: In-Mold
Weight: 200 g / 0,44 lb
Cooling vents: 10

Others features:
Rear Reflective Stickers for maximum visibility on the road
Expanded protection zone.
Washable padding.
Designed for small kids.
Bug net.
Easy lock system.
Adjustable three-point safety strapping.
Sold in an individual box with a child bottle and child bottle cage

This helmet was tested and homologated according to European Standard EN1078 - Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates.

The helmet must be kept away from any heat source (do not leave it inside the car or any other place directly or indirectly exposed to solar radiation). High temperatures lead to the deterioration of the helmet and consequent loss of its characteristics (namely the absorption of energy); this means it will fall off any guarantee given by Polisport;

The maximum temperature at which the helmet may be exposed to is 50ºC (112ºF);
The helmet must be cleaned only with water and a soft cloth. The use or application of sprays or cleaning agents, chemical substances (including ammonia) and solvents, may result in the degradation of the characteristics of the helmet (and in the loss of the guarantee);
8740800001 - lolipops (matte finish)
8740800002 - spaceship (matte finish)
8740800003 - hello giraffe/parrot (matte finish)
If you still have doubts check out our related Faqs.

Product Manual

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