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For Polisport Front Baby Seats

Child Bike Seat

Windscreen - Front Baby Seat


Perfect accessorie to match with your Polisport front bicycle seat - compatible with all front polisport seats. Extra protection against rain, wind and insects. Our windscreen provides a comfortable bike ride for the child, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Matching Polisport Front Baby-Seat
Guppy Mini, Bilby Junior, Bubbly Mini

Sturdy and completely transparente material.

Extra protection against the rain and insects.
Comfortable riding in adverse weather conditions.
Attractive design.

Others features:
Polycarbonate screen.
Height adjustable in 2 points

Parts Included on the package: 
Windscreen + attachement bar + baby-seat front holder

Colors: clear

Weight:1,60kg / 3,53 lb
Dimension: 387x563x52mm
8631300001 - clear
8631300002- clear (without holder)
8632900013 - holder + adaptor
8632900016 - adaptor
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Assembly instructions

Download PDF 1.9 MB