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For Groovy, Bubbly, Guppy Models

Child Bike Seat

Special Frame Holder


For Groovy, Bubbly, Guppy Models Special Frame Holder for child seat bicycle frame child seat mounting system oval and round tubes. For Frame Bicycle Seat. Safety Device Indicator. Sold as spare-part.

Polisport´s Frame Mounting System was developed to be safe, simple, reliable, efficient and easy-to-use.
The double rabbet and click system has a very smooth action when mounting the baby seat, sliding easily into the slots and requiring no further pressure than the weight of
the seat.
It takes only a light push of the holder safety button to release the baby seat, making it really easy to remove and store your seat at the end of the day.

- Green indicators appear when the seat is correctly assembled.
- All the screws remain built-in inside the holder, making the fitting much smoother.
- Fits frames from 28 to 40 mm.
- Requires an available length on the frame of 105 mm to be installed.
- Fits round and oval tubes, and was designed to accommodate the brake cable
preventing it from being pinched. Inside, a rubber pad will also prevent the frame from getting damaged.
- Tools included.
- To remove the seat you only need to slightly push the holder button and pull simultaneously the seat up and backward.
- Meets all the safety standards EN 14344.
- Sold also as a spare part (approved only for Bubbly FF+; Bubbly 29er; Guppy FF, Guppy RS, Groovy FF; Groovy RS+; and Groovy 29er).
8640600001 - light grey
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Assembly Instructions Premium Holder

Download PDF 1.72 MB