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Frame Mounting System

Child Bike Seat

Joy FF


Joy FF is the rear child bicycle seat ideal for kids up to 22kg and is suitable to be installed in the rear, on the frame of the bicycle. The seat fits in tubes ranging from 28 to 40 mm. Designed having in mind the airflow of the cyclist ride, promoting even more the commuting rides and the children comfort and perspiration. With this model you can easy commute or store the seat.



- Increased lateral protection
- Grow with your child - adjustable 3-point safety harness
- Childproof safety adjustable footrests in 4 positions
- 1 rear reflective sticker
- Extra security frame belt
- Increased feet protection preventing any contact with the wheel

- Grow with your child - 2 option in height for placing the safety harness
- Grow with your child - adjustable footrests in 4 positions

- Fits bicycles with or without carriers.
- Ability to move the seat backward and forward in 3 positions, according to child and bicycle size.
- The frame holder allows to install/release the baby seat from the bike in seconds by pushing the button.
- This also means that's really easy to commute or store the seat. Mounting kit required for assembling included.

- EN 14344

- Fits bicycles with or without carriers.
- Fits round and oval tubes from 28 to 40 mm
- Frame holder space required for assembling - 80mm
- Recommended for 26" and 28" bicycles
- This model also has an option for Small Frames and 29ers
- Ergonomic shape with increased lateral protection
- Not compatible with square, triangular and carbon fiber frames
- Not compatible with carbon fiber bicycles
- Not compatible rear suspension shock absorber

- 9 to 22 kg / 19,84 to 48,5 lb
This child bicycle seat is only suitable for carrying children with a maximum weight of 22 Kg (and children with recommended ages ranging from 9 months to 5 years of age - with the weight as the decisive variable)

- width 450x height 620 x depth 585

  • 8406500001 (bege/cinzento escuro)
  • 8406500002 (preto/vermelho)
  • 8406500003 (azul/amarelo)
  • 8406500004 (cinzento escuro/cinzento escuro)

8407300001 dark grey
8407300002 red
8407300003 yellow

3-point safety harness

8634100001 black
8634100020 silver


8634400015 black
8634400016 charcoal grey
8634400017 cream
8407300004 denim

Mounting Bar

for rear child seats
8632100007- black


Replacement spare part: to use the same
baby-seat on different bicycles.
Allen Key no.5 included
8630100001 - black
If you still have doubts check out our related Faqs.

Assembly instructions Joy FF

Download PDF 3.22 MB