AICEP visits Polisport - Industry 4.0
AICEP visits Polisport - Industry 4.0


AICEP visits Polisport - Industry 4.0

Portugal Road Show - Industry 4.0

Polisport welcomed AICEP under the Roadshow Portugal Global, in Aveiro, dedicated to the theme "Indústria 4.0", the most recent industrial revolution movement.

Polisport was part of a wide set of companies visited in the north region (Aveiro), who have spoken about their business experiences, under the "Indústria 4.0"  and the impact on competitiveness in external markets.

"Indústria 4.0", or the 4th Industrial Revolution, translates into the use of Information and Communication Technologies through the processes of industrial production, covering the automation techniques and data exchange in the industrial context.

According to Aicep "this concept, at an European level, born in Germany, reflects the focused market in this Roadshow Portugal Global, and on which the AICEP’s Director in Berlim, Pedro Leão, present the opportunities that offers to the Portuguese companies."

The Roadshow Portugal Global, promoted by AICEP is dedicated, this year, to the theme "Cooperation ad Competition – the key to success in External Markets ". In the words of the organization, "it’s a proximity initiative where AICEP brings knowledge about external markets to the regions where the companies are based, boosting or deepening the processes of internationalization."