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Premium Kids Helmet


Nothing beats the experience of exploring the world on your bicycle. How about exploring it together? That was the reason why we wanted to offer the same level of security and comfort to the children with our new helmets collection.

The XS KIDS PREMIUM and the S JUNIOR PREMIUM feature in-mold construction and an expanded protective area to increase safety and durability. There’s an adjustable dial Retention System to adapt perfectly to the head. The straps are soft and lock in a 2-point safety harness, ensuring an optimal fit. We added two rear reflective stickers to increase the visibility on the road. One bug net at the front will keep the head protected. The matte finishing of these helmets makes them even fancier. The helmets are sold in an individual box along with a kid bottle and a junior cage. 

Our new light and vented helmets are the perfect choices if you are looking for a high-end helmet for your kids.