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New features, colors and style for Guppy

Polisport Guppy range refreshed and improved

By winning an iF Design Award, Guppy baby seats proved how well designed they were from day one.


Its innovative design, its comfort and special features made it an instant hit.


However Polisport found ways to improve it.


Both Mini and Maxi models now feature new safety belts that are softer to the touch and come with new and soft padding that is easier to adjust.


Style was also revised with the introduction of new colors and style sets that fit also the seats from the previous years.


The Maxi model also features a new net for the small luggage compartment.


Comfort was raised to another level on Guppy Maxi by adding a reclining system.


The seat tilts up to 20° for greater comfort or a quick and refreshing nap.


New features:

  • New soft touch seatbelts
  • New seatbelt padding for easier adjustment and more comfort
  •  New colors and style sets
  • New object carrying net
  • RS - reclinable system