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Koolah for 29"

New Special bar for small frames and 29"

Polisport launched a new version of Koolah with a special bar that will help the fitting of the seat on the small frames and 29er bikes.

With this new bar, you´re able to push the seat up. This is ideal when you´re using a 29er or a bike with a small frame.

The remaining features of Koolah are the same that were are already available on the traditional Koolah For Frame and Carrier Mounting System.

Regarding safety all Koolah versions have a3-point safety harness, adjustable safety harness, extra security frame belt, extra-large feet protection and retention and 1 rear reflective sticker.

The baby-seat comfort is improved due to its extra lateral protection, adjustable footrests in 4 positions and a nice and big carrying handle for better transport.

Being UV resistant you can also choose to place the seat in 3 optional positions moving it forward and backward regarding the seat saddle.

Koolah comes with all the necessary keys for the perfect assembling.

Koolah comes with all the necessary keys for the perfect assembling and its available in 5 different colors: light grey/grey;  dark grey/silver; cream/light green; flashy blue/cream; strawberry red/cream