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GUPPY CFS - Improved functionality

New trendy color and a new carrier plate compatible with e-bikes

Our little star has been given new fresh style by adding to the collection the Jeans color. This fancy color will match the current utility bikes trends.

Now the CFS model presents also the new carrier plate with a wider range of application – 185mm. The new carrier has been improved in its usage, functionality, and design, featuring now a left and right mechanical system, making it easier to install and release the seat.

Safety, comfort, and design!







Increased performance


• The new slim design of the carrier plate also increased its performance, it will now fit a wider number of commuting bikes on the market, especially E-bikes by increasing the range from 175 to 185 mm.
• Features a left and right mechanical system – making it even easier to install and release the seat (clamp – turn left; release – turn right).
• Fitting luggage tubes from Ø10 to 16 mm.
• No tools needed.
• Compatibles with carriers in accordance with ISO 11243 - 120 to 175 mm.
Now also fitting wider carriers - 185 mm.
• The system meets all the safety standards EN 14344.





Rear Child-Seat

Ref. individual box
8640000012 - dark grey/silver
8640000013 - cream/grey
8640000014 - jeans/cream - 
New color

Ref. master box
8640000015 - dark grey/silver
8640000016 - cream/grey
8640000017 - jeans/cream - 
New color





• Armrest shape for comfort safeguarding the child hands • Grow with your child: 2 options in height for placing the safety harness • Grow with your child: adjustable 5-point safety harness with soft paddings • Childproof safety buckle • 1 rear reflective sticker • Extra security frame belt • Large feet protection preventing the contact with the wheel.

• Grow with your child: adjustable footrests in 4 positions • Washable cushion • New carrier plate allows to install/release the child seat from the bike in seconds • Ability to move the seat backward and forward in 3 positions, according to any carrier and child size.

• Compatible with most bike frames • Small luggage compartment: maximum 1 kg / 2,2 lb • No tools needed to install/release the seat • Supplied fully assembled.

• EN 14344.