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Corky Bottle at Materfad Barcelona

Materials that will shape the future #trend #future #cork

Polisport focused in ecologic materials - New technologies for greener cycling

Cycling may be the most ecological way of travelling, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be bettered. Polisport, is a company specialized in plastic parts for bicycles and the European market leader in bicycle baby seat sales. To avoid the side effects from the use of plastic parts, Polisport is putting an effort on innovative materials that can reduce emissions both in the production process and the product life cycle.

Water bottles first

The reason why Polisport is starting with water bottles is very logical: of all the products, the company produces, this is the one with the shortest life span, and consequently one which tends to create more waste. Besides, water bottles are produced in millions and used in huge numbers by sporting cyclists.


Corky: plastic meets cork 

Polisport is pioneering a green technological solution by using a mixture of plastic and cork in the production of water bottles. This translates into a reduction in the use of plastic in favor of a natural raw material which is lighter and has a better touch. Cultivated and extracted by sustainable methods, cork is a part of the Portuguese cultural heritage and it has been used for centuries to preserve water and food due to its excellent thermal performance. 

Corky water bottle also won an IFdesign Material Design Award in 2012 for the employment of innovative and ecological materials.

> Material derived from renewable sources of natural origins (non-fossil fuel derived);

> Cultivated and extracted by sustainable methods;

> Reduction in the emission of gases that contribute to the “green-house” effect;

> Better thermal performance;

> Less weight.