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Policy Management

Design and produce innovative products for two-wheeled vehicles, ensuring performance with safety, differentiation and leisure.

Be a leader through the notoriety of the brand, reaching prestige through innovation, quality, differentiation of technology and distinction of our products.

We invest internally in the skills of our employees and in our technological abilities, promoting an internal culture that relies on:

>Customer orientation;
>Innovation and Creativity;
>Flexibility and Multi-Skills.

Group will face the following challenges:

>Innovation, by releasing continuously new products, new technologies and marketing campaigns;

>Service, by creating new partnerships with clients and suppliers.

Quality Control

Group Management System of Research, Development & Innovation
for Research, development of new products, processes and technology solutions accessories for use in two-wheeled vehicles, as well as innovation in organization and marketing, according to NP4557:2007.

Group Quality Management System Scope of the Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001:2008

Polisport is commited to the continuous and effective improvement of our Management System.

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